No GHOST Town this…BERLIN hums!

Last Sunday, Mike and I traveled west – to the other side of our peninsula to Crisfield Maryland to chase some ghosts…!  Aptly named the Crisfield Ghost Tour, Mindie Burgoyne, author of the book, Haunted Eastern Shore, led a group of 51 intrepid (fearless) folks out for an afternoon of ghost hunting.  While visiting one of the potentially inhabited homes, Marquis Manor (now a bed and breakfast), I decided to forgo the indoor presentation and stayed outside.  This lovely old Victorian era home is located only steps from the Town’s main street, yet I was amazed by the complete quiet all around.  Literally, I was in the center of a once thriving port city once heralded as second only to Baltimore in activity – and today, one hundred years later, it was stone silent.  I experienced this rare occurrence with wonder.   Nary a birdcall, slamming door, child’s shout or car motor marred the perfect stillness.  Sadly, as most of us already know, Crisfield no longer bustles.  A quick trip to the Town Dock showed only a few boats silently moored there; most having ‘Smith Island Tour’ signs hanging about.  The main street showed few signs of life except for some restaurants; although a new Food Lion was seen to be in active construction beside the McDonalds in a former bank building.  The nearby town of Marion Station, once a famed, Eastern Shore supplier of strawberries to the nation, is now officially a ghost town.

Later Mindie (a Crisfield implant), and I spoke; she told me of her daily regimen of travel, logging double digit miles to most anywhere to supply the daily needs of her family; the nearest Walmart – 19 miles away.  Is this the price to be paid for that perfect silence?

That evening as we returned to our home here in Berlin Maryland, I noted again the familiar HUM of our town; traffic, both pedestrian and vehicular all around, I was comforted.  Certainly no ghost town this!

(Although we met no ghosts, this tour was great fun…we look forward to the next ‘Eastern Shore Ghost Tour’ from Great Blue Media!)

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