“…putting the ‘here’ in there.”

Over the past several weeks I’ve had some minutes to reflect on my continued good fortune to be living in this charming Eastern Shore town.  Life is life and things are pretty good around here – especially now that the gardens are showing green and some of our early crops are showing promise.  (Yesterday’s West Street ‘backyard’ event surely caused even greater joy; first egg was discovered, safely delivered from our new flock of four, 19-week-old Red Star hens.)

But I’m getting off track – recently, while reading an article in this month’s issue of Organic Gardening I saw this comment, ”…it’s the tight knit rural communities that put the ‘here’ in there; that make one place distinct from another and are the essence of regional character.” To my mind this charming thought speaks of this place – Berlin Maryland.  Certainly these days we each have our challenges – personal, economic, environmental even political; no one is untouched by today’s events both near and far.  Yet, I keep discovering an extraordinary strength, a resiliency, and certainly a willingness to pitch in and share among Berlin’s people…my neighbors, my friends.  Thanks to the many area folks who just keep on putting the ‘here’ in there.

To that end, this weekend our town will again throw open the doors to welcome visitors and share our ‘here’.

Spring Arts Night on Friday evening offers a new view of our Town talents – to mention but a few of the many; Pat Henry will ‘Officially’ open his new gallery and I saw that Gail Lewis has a mighty fine show prepared at Water’s Edge.

Saturday features the 3rd Annual Jazz & Blues Bash with daylong musical events planned for our Historic downtown streets.  Come on down…!