Town Ordinance 2010-07…certainly worth another look (and post)!

The more I consider (and hear from others), the proposed Town Ordinance 2010-07 coming up for Public Hearing and FINAL VOTE on Monday evening, the more reasons present themselves in the averse column!

I hate unmanageable debt and do my personal best to remain solvent – as I’m sure do most in this town.   Why then are our elected officials so anxious to increase our communal debt?

If, in fact our Town is in such NEED of a new Police facility and Community Center why then have not all options been considered and presented to the folks who will pay – especially those options that would cost us (taxpayers) so much less?

This particular Ordinance proposes that we pay $828,530 dollars for new lands upon which these so-called NEEDS are to be erected.  With the 5% simple interest over 5 years this comes to around $1,000,000.  That’s a whole lot of money = debt – to be paid from future taxpayer contributions!

OUR TOWN ALREADY OWNS CONSIDERABLE UNDEVELOPED LANDS – debt free! What about the old Raynes Sand and Gravel property, already owned by the Town, along Rt. 346?  Or, how about the 14 Town-owned acres, re-discovered during the BEC sale debacle, on Schoolfield Street located on the East side of Town.  A quick look on a tax map shows these properties and others that could be used, as well as even other, perhaps more suitable undeveloped for sale properties at considerably less cost!

Even a simple redesign of the property upon which currently rests the Berlin Electric Company generation plant, could house a generous Police office with parking for our Town vehicles.

Good grief!  This whole idea is worth another (more careful) look before we leap into debt!

I say, let’s stop grumbling, muttering and sighing…phone or email your Town Council District Representative now and/or be present on Monday evening – August 23rd, 7 pm, Town Hall!

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