New Year’s Eve…a day of anticipation indeed!

Returning from yet another errand around 2 o’clock this afternoon, I drove through town trying to scope out a parking place for tonight’s much touted festivities – the first ever, Berlin Maryland BALL DROP at midnight. Frankly, except for our big daytime events, I’ve never seen the streets so crowded with people…walking in and out of shops, some stopping to take photos and all just generally seen to be enjoying this fine little town. Makes me think that Berlin has definitely arrived! Much of this success may be ‘laid at the door’ of Michael Day, the Town’s Economic & Community Development Director. Thanks Michael! Great job!

Speaking of tonight’s event…Mike (aka Grumpy) has made it very clear that he will be asleep by 9pm and I’ve found myself in need of an escort to attend. While considering what to do, Lucy Brown came up to the computer for a ‘pet’. Aha! …Lucy is the little, 10 month old pup who gets me up most nights around midnight to go outside for a quick tinkle… tonight she will get more than a run outdoors…she gets to go to a party – and I think she will enjoy it! I don’t have a coat for her and it’s too late to knit something but perhaps she can manage the cold for 30 minutes or so!

I find that facebook has been unusually busy today…lots of back and forth chatter including many spirited quips from friends. One of the best things to happen to me this year – has been facebook…the premier social media site (IMHO). I’ve reunited with some great “OLD”, old friends (Joan and Helen) and deepened relationships with new friends and neighbors. In fact, I’ve met some great new folks during several classes learning management of ‘social media’/viral networking, including Kay, Sandy and Kelly. Listing these dynamic women I cannot forget our leader, Mindie Burgoyne who along with her husband Dan Burgoyne and increasing extended family…four week old Tristan, have become very dear to me. Then there are the people, with whom, through facebook, I’ve found a commonality – shared interests. In fact, a group of us are now planning to attend a’ knitting club’, to be held each Tuesday evening at the Berlin Coffee House hosted by Peggy Hagy!

Anyway, all considered, 2010 has been a pretty good year…despite the economy; we’re all here and in spite of planning to have whole grain bread and filtered water for supper after fueling my car today, we’ve made it work! That’s about all I can ask!

Very Best Wishes for a GREAT 2011 to EVERYONE!

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