Preamble to Ramble…(further)!

The New Year will bring a new title for my Berlin blog…”The View from My Window… a Berlin MD blog”. Occasioned by a recent relocation of my computer from a back corner to the front window overlooking West Street…re-titling seemed a natural segue!

Attempting to blog for the past seven plus years, through several incarnations, I’ve struggled to find a ‘tone’ with which to comment upon those many, sometimes humorous and charming (sometimes not so charming) everyday, real life experiences, in and around the little Eastern Shore town of Berlin MD.

To further qualify my intent – if as a reader, you’re looking for the sexsational – you won’t find it here. Growing up during the age of Ozzie and Harriet (their twin beds and chin to ankle pj’s), has instilled a respect for the true privacy of others. As a consequence of this early imprinting, I still find the recent Victoria’s Secret (FCC approved), TV commercials a bit risqué (possible envy?)! LOL  Nor am I a fan of ‘reality’ TV…often found to be exploitative and humiliating to the both participant and viewer – IMHO.

Yet, with Time Magazine naming Mark Zuckerberg, 2010’s ‘Person of the Year’, creator of the world-changing, social media smash hit, FACEBOOK, it’s apparent that privacy, whether by the often, rather revealing (TMI), self-authored, status blurbs or personal information ‘piracy’ via apps, we’ve all pretty much EMERGED! Yikes!

Finally, if you do find the early morning ramblings of a 66 year old woman at all interesting or amusing, I invite you to join me in this new written journey of continued observation and discovery of places familiar to most all…

Note: Occasionally I use text messaging abbreviations to express opinion in my writing…for a comprehensive directory visit this website…

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