A Little Stumble (I dropped the ball) – then Berlin’s Great ‘First Step’!

It’s the first workweek of the New Year…and all eyes are looking forward.

Two thousand, eleven is already different.  As a life-long fan of calendars, with a tradition of purchasing far too many, this year I’ve limited myself to just two; a brainteaser, ‘puzzle a day’ calendar for Mike and a new ‘word a day’ for me.  Mike is a canny observer, and although sometimes hampered trying to express himself orally, he’s a wizard with anything that requires a little quiet contemplation.  By ‘little’ I mean the first time he was handed a Rubik’s Cube, he sat studying for a few minutes and then with a determined series of rapid rotations, had it solved.  I sat for three days twisting that infernal thing with no success.  On the other hand, I love words…their origin and meanings.  WARNING: Readers, be prepared as I try to use some of my new learning’s. –  So we’re good…and along with the half-dozen inspirational, perpetual calendars scattered around we are armed for most anything this year!

The ‘stumble’ mentioned above was my best intention to attend the first ever Berlin MD New Year’s Eve – Ball Drop party!  As Mike was heading to bed around 9, I was getting myself presentable for the evening – a little dressy.  My escort – a ten month old Kerry Blue pup named Lucy Brown, had been brushed…we were just waiting for 10:30 to head downtown to view the grand event.  Then I sat down…I awoke with a start ( a heap of rumpled clothing)– the clock showing 1:14am.  Yikes, and I had promised photos to someone…!  Fortunately a friend, Geren Mortensen Sr. had shot a series of really good, still photos, capturing the essence of that special evening.  Thanks Geren!  They are available on facebook under his profile for anyone who cares to look.  It was a ‘great first step’ for our Town, with many attending – and now another Berlin MD runaway HIT!

By the way, I don’t know about the rest of you in cyber land, but during the recent holidays I received quite a few notices in my inbox stating that there are ‘E-cards’ waiting to be opened.  A thank you to sender, however, the ‘E-card’ program is not Mac friendly and so I am unable to open and view…it’s the thought that counts, right?


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