DROP A STITCH? We all do…from time to time!

This past Tuesday evening found an eclectic group of women arriving, one by one, through the door into the cozy Berlin Coffee House on Jefferson Street in Downtown Historic Berlin Maryland.  Seems our host, Peggy Hagy had put out the word – the 2011 knitting group was now in session – interested needle workers welcome (men too, if you dare)!  Finding a seat among the comfortable sofas and settees scattered about, the evening began with everyone being offered a drink – coffee or tea served alongside a heaping mound of welcoming chatter.  The usual furtive looks came forth when projects were pulled from bags. (Peggy admitted she’s still working on last year’s scarf.  Hmm!) Beginners pulled out brightly colored, new yarns…ever hopeful of good result.  The more experienced had projects already begun – also hopeful of good result!  Soon, needles were clicking, and we got down to some serious knitting.  Time flew.  This most companionable evening concluded around 8pm.  Unfortunately, when I checked my project the next morning I found that I had ‘dropped a stitch’, many rows back…UG!  Being an obvious pattern, there was nothing to do but ‘rip it out‘ and begin again… a tedious chore.  Seems that’s pretty much what life is about anyway, right? Looking forward to next Tuesday!  Won’t you join us…?

There’s room for more…if you want to learn, share your skills or just want to spend an evening in most excellent company – drop by any Tuesday at 6pm – Berlin Coffee House, Berlin Maryland.  Peggy does ask for a donation of $2 to help cover costs – sadly, Berlin’s Commercial electric rates remain high.

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