HOW DO WE SPEND OUR $$$ – all of it?

One day last week, out of the blue, while talking with a respected area businesswoman (although not a Berlin resident), I was asked,” Why are Berlin’s (property) taxes so high”? Caught off guard – I fumbled, offering an uncertain reply.  I quickly realized I didn’t really know.  As a regular attendee at the nearly bi-weekly Berlin Town Council meetings, I’ve listened to the sometimes-lengthy list of purchase orders recited by our Town Administrator, Tony Carson – often wishing for more specificity.  Frequently, the name of a company and an amount are described…but for what, what department and more to the point – why?

Nevertheless, since then my friend’s question has echoed in my consciousness.  Perhaps it’s time to take a closer look.  During this coming year I plan to take time to examine the Town’s recently audited, annual budget – readily available at our Town Hall.

After all, it is also our Town, our money.  Each of us has finite personal income (if you don’t – I don’t know you) and consequently must deal with budgetary decisions every day – decisions regarding everything: purchases, what, where and when to buy and what will serve: personal and household services vs. what we can do for ourselves and eventually, hopefully, what to save.

I plan to take a close look, examine if you will, how our Town really fares and, frankly, whether or not we can continue to afford it.  Bottom line, I don’t want anyone power-trippin’ with my money but me!

“New Balance Shaping Shoes Don’t Work”…’ yes, this was a story headline on NPR radio (89.5FM) the other morning.  I must confess I was relieved to hear this most critical of information. LOL   Several months ago, after viewing some TV commercials and finding myself suddenly in need of a new pair of gym shoes, I hiked up to Vernon Powell and anxiously asked the salesperson for a pair of those ‘leg and glut enhancing’ shoes.  Oh vanity – thy name is woman (no matter the age)! Upon telling the woman that I was a treadmill user, my hopes were dashed when told that due to the convex sole design – use of this shoe on a treadmill could be dangerous.  I came away saddened – without any new shoes – realizing too, that perhaps it was another case of want rather than need!

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