When They’re out of Money…We’re out of Luck!

Recent media headlines have set me thinking and during a recent – regular ‘state of the world’ chat with my brother, my thoughts became crystallized.

(Before I go on, let me introduce my brother.  His name is Dennis.  During early years, he and I had the usual brother – sister squabbles (I dropped him down the steps – he stabbed me with a pencil)!  However, surviving all, we’ve since become ‘best buds’ and have found that two strong, ‘independent’ thinkers with very dissimilar lifetime experiences, have come to similar conclusions about today’s economics!)

They’re are out of money…!  No doubt!  With a trillion plus dollar debt there is no way our nation can claim anything nearing solvency.  Despite the cheer-leading message deftly delivered by our President last week during the State of the Union, no one can deny that, we the people, as the funding source of the nation’s government economy have got some tough times ahead – before we are ‘ahead’ or even ‘even’!

Almost simultaneously, our Maryland Governor announced that due to a State budget deficit – (they’re out of money), expenses, previously born by the State would be meted out amongst the 23 Maryland Counties.   This increased County burden in turn will be reflected in lessened support of, and services to, local Cities and Towns (including Berlin).

To balance the ‘we’re out of luck’ side of my thoughts – despite government denials, the cost of goods is rising everywhere.  A quick trip to Sam’s Club in Salisbury last week showed a marked price increase in the necessaries…TP, Bounty and Tide detergent.  Gasoline prices have jumped and are forecast to leap further.  And finally, on Friday here on West Street, we received a little note in the mail from the Fed, telling us that Mike’s already frozen, fixed pension will be further decreased by $80 per month this year  – $30 more for health insurance and $50 more in Federal taxes.  I still haven’t figured out how, with headlines blaring – ‘income tax rates to remain the same’, – how this can happen?

So, our Luck appears to have run out – as I imagine it has for most of us.  Prices will continue to rise. Property taxes on all levels are sure to go higher, if not this year, at least in the years to follow.   Other than re-budgeting my budget there is little else to do but keep a close eye on how our little Town of Berlin Maryland spends my money…and I shall!  Will you?

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