The fulfillment of a dream – the “i’s” have it!

With the recent arrival of my iPad2, my collection of electronic gizmos is complete (for now)…fulfilling a life long dream.

Last Friday, a long-awaited (2 weeks) package arrived containing my iPad2.  Even the Fed Ex guy was grinning as he handed it to me.  Over the past couple of weeks he had stopped here several times delivering a couple of small connecting devices including the ‘magical’ iPad2 cover – but no Pad.  Upon receipt of each delivery I was unable to hide my distress – he was sympathetic.  LOL

To digress – As a young child, my mother and I would often board that old-fashioned form of public transportation – a bus, the Baltimore Transit System, that would take us from our home in Baltimore County to downtown Baltimore.  Frequently we visited the famed Walters Art Gallery or walked amongst the monuments on Charles Street, but most often we found ourselves before the huge door of what is currently known as the Central Branch of the Enoch Pratt Free Library, located at the corner of Calvert & Mulberry Streets.  For a joyous afternoon I was allowed the freedom to ‘get lost’ in the stacks; visit the Children’s Library Garden, study current exhibits and generally roam and read – as long as I was QUIETIt was then, as a child that I decided I wanted nothing more than to live my life within this building. To me a library represented (and still does) a place to seek answers to endless questions – to learn, to more info

study, to listen to music, to observe and imagine – without limits – my purest pleasure!  As a teen, I continued to make this journey on my own – still by bus, research for my schoolwork – mostly on Thursday evenings.  Sometimes, after studying, I’d stop briefly at Hutzler’s Department Store located on Howard Street to view current fashions!  During the 50’s and 60’s Baltimore was a ‘safe’ place; a truly grand time in my life…fond memories.


Flash forward 40+ years.  Baltimore is no longer a safe place, and although the Central Branch of the Pratt Library is still doing its library thing very well, I no longer wish to live there.  I now have my “I’s” …a big screen iMac upon which I do my work; write, research, pay bills and e-mail.  I have an iPhone4 – upon which I voice communicate; research, text and email.   And now, finally I have my iPad2!  Having spent the weekend researching and installing available iPad ‘apps’ I believe I have found the ultimate tool – an entire world-sized library and media center that weighs only 1.3 lbs!  And, with the huge amount of data worldwide being digitalized daily, by increasingly sophisticated equipment, the amount of accessible information increases exponentially; my limitless library grows – beside my window, in Berlin MD!


My heartfelt thanks to Steve Jobs & Co. for creating intuitive (and dependable) Apple OS products.  Thanks for the internet!  (Do I thank Mr. Gore?) Combined, all have helped fulfill one of my life-long fantasies – without having to move to Baltimore and live within those well-remembered, high ceilinged, marble floored halls.